Ice cream bomb

apparently very complicated but I assure you, and not ‘

but I assure you the trouble … it’s worth you will look great


(Made with blueberry jam or fresh blueberries or frozen)

(Water, lemon juice, 5 egg yolks 150 g sugar)

* 100 g almonds

* 300 g sugar

* 2 glasses of kirsch

* 100 g cocoa powder

* 1 cup coffee liqueur

* 100 g pine nuts

a cup of custard

* (Made with 3 egg yolks and 150 g of sugar, two tablespoons of flour a glass of milk, grated rind of one lemon)

basic preparation bomb

remove to a bowl jam, slowly dilute it with two

parts water, using the empty can as a measuring cup and stir


add the lemon juice filtered

pass through a sieve to weave

Beat the egg yolks in another bowl with the sugar until they are

puffy and fluffy …. no less DI15 minutes

now joined the jam slowly and down movements

up so pour into a container and place in freezer for 4-5 hours

After this time the mold and go to the preparation and true

just the bomb

pour into a semi-spherical dome and put it back in the freezer maybe

add a handful of frozen blueberries though

Meanwhile, finely crushed almonds join 100 g sugar

and mix well to incorporate a small glass of kirsch

let the mixture set aside in a bowl, mix in other

the cocoa powder with another 100 g of sugar and coffee liqueur, put


In a bowl combine the crushed pine nuts with the remaining sugar and

Left kirsch liqueur

Then prepare the pastry cream

In a saucepan whisk the egg yolks with the sugar add the flour little

at a time, milk and lemon zest on a low heat

run continuously until rapprendera ‘

to calculate just begins to boil 3 minutes calculated

then remove from heat and let it cool,

hours incroporare third of the cream to a mixture of almonds

third to the mixture of cocoa and the third composed of pine nuts

when the base of the bomb and pull it out sufficiently dense

Wipe it the first cream freezer (almond) and put it back

in the freezer for 30 minutes then spread the second cream (cocoa) and

back in the freezer for 30 minutes then the cream (pine nuts)

When everything is reassembled with various creams completed the bomb

will have to stay in the freezer 1 hour before serving

to remove it from the container soak a few seconds a

container with warm water (I recommend before starting all over

advice line the bowl with plastic wrap)